Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co Has Reached The Kuwait Export Target With Fire Fighting Pumps.
According to our succesful market research we export our NFPA standardized SMT250/40 Series Electric Disesel Jockey Fire Pump, Electric Fire Pump, Diesel Fire Pump, Diesel Motorized Fire Hydrophore, Jockey Pump, Fire Hydrophore, In order to use at Petrol Research Institute at Ahmedi City , KUWAIT from Middle East Gulf countries.
According to our experience, competitivenes and proffesion at fire fighting pump assembly, firefighting working principle, fire fighting electrical assemblying and controlling scheme, we will resume our progress to widen our market research for market needs to meet our customers demand.

Our export to KKTC is increasing every day…


Our exports with drainage pumps and submersible drainage pump to our Cyprus agent who is our brother company and suppling our drainage pumps with our most competive offers on drainage pumps for long time as authorised service and sole agency.

Our Leader agent in drainage pumps sellings and drainage pump install, drainage pump montage by drainage pump capasity and drainage pump operating prensible, how drainage pump works, what is drainage pumps for and drainage pumps prices cases and have good placed in market.


Our company especially has rich drainage pump product range capasity will continue his name in the market with most competive prices.

Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co. has actualised export to United Arab Emirates for the first time...
We sent our first products within multistage pumps, centrifugal multistage pumps and double stage centrifugal pump series to our customer which they are known as a pioneer firm on the enviromental,food,construction and sprinkler system sectors. Our SMKT550/2 model double stage centrifugal pump has chosen for the agricultural sprinkler system.
We will be keep forwarding and expanding our market research for the needs of market.

Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co. Has Achieved The Export Target To Kazakhistan.
Sumak Pump has chosen for Single Floor and Multiple Floor buildings Sump Pits and in construction sector in Aktau Kazakhistan which is the middle of Asian countries.
We sold Septic hole cleaning pump Grinder blade septic pump Grinder submersible pump Waste water pump, Sewage pump Circultaion pump Household type hydrophore and Vertical shaft multistage hydrophore for the sectoral needs.
Our company serves products to market and customer needs in this area and keep forwarding the sales with straight decision.
We Have Added The Mini Hydrophore In To Our Product Range…

This casting body mini hydrophore pressurize the hot water between 0-80°C at solar power systems and helps for pressurized hot water needed place with his cosiness use simple design. It can be used for cold water, and solar power systems at maximum 2 floor 2 apartments. Pressure enhancing solar power how water hydrophores do not take up space with his special design.

We have added Our Hot Water Pressurized Pumps into our product range…

We have started serial production of our SM6-S house type hot water pressure increasing pumps. These type of pumps are designed in order to increase pressure of water for hot waters that is produced by solar energy between 0 – 80 °C. The pump works on and off automaticly by flow key(valve) on it when there is how water needed.

These type of pumps pressure increased and scrambled for hot water by solar energy panels on roofs.

Pressurizing Pumps are automatic hot water pumps can be assamblied in to install pipes and also can be seized into inlet of machines like combi boiler water heater washing machine and dishwasher which can not work due to inadequate water pressure in building.

Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co. has exported to Palestine with Hydrophores by SHT Series Pump and boosters…

Sumak Pump is improving himself in international platform with each passing day via adding into abroad export list by Hydrophores Group to Palestine.

Our Hydrophore Groups and pumps has chosen on the project to be used in the construction sector in Ramallah.

Sumak Pump Family Has Met With Iftar Meal Program

We exported Sminox Series Water pumps to Italy which is the pump production center of the world…

As a Sumak Pump family we reached one of our target market Italy with Sminox Series Stainless Centrifugal Pumps. Sumak Pump expands the product range and reaches more customer daybyday with expanding its vision on global platform according that makes major contribute to increase the competition in world trade by reaching Italy.

We have started to produce Crusher Blade WC Discharge Pump...

We have started to produce Crusher Blade WC Discharge Pump which is used into kitchens toilets and baths by connecting from drain installation and in order to discharging of toilet waste.
These pumps provides an ideal solution with easy set up and grinder blade also increases life standarts by non smelling termics against overload 220V electric supply self float switch in reverse duplex basement floor or under stair applications.
Wc waste water pumps has designed with standard pipe dimensions in order to especially easy installation for back of closet pump dishwasher washing machine and bath drains.

We keep widening our Grinder Blade Septic Submersible Pump product range…

Now we started to produce SBRT50/3-P Series 4KW 5.5HP and SBRT75/3-P Series 5.5KW 7.5HP
Grinder Blade Septic Submersible Pump production has started as a three phase (380V) high altitude 3” output cutting submersible pump.
Our grinder blade pumps helps to shredding and evacuating non-rigid particles in hotels, constructions , water treatment facalities, sewage canal and septic pump for residantial area up to 37 meter altitude.

Sumak Pump has reached the export sales target to Sudan with Electrical Fire Pump Group

Day by day, We maintain the persistent success with innovative perspective and we have exported fire pumps in accordance with NFPA20 standards which is one of our target market Sudan Republic in Africa.

Electrical fire pump will be used as firefighting water pump in construction and contractor company in Khartoum city.

We have added the Bilge Submersible Pumps and Chisel Submersible Pumps into our product range..

The bilge pumps that can be used in sea water and bilge water with clean water availavle to work with 12V battery and in very strick places around 5cm width.

Especially available to use in motor room backwaters discharging in yachts and fishing boats in maritime sector with the manuel models STN500 G - STN1100 G - STN2000 also automatic models and SKLD12 G chisel Submersible Pump models serial production has started.

When there is network electric supply is not exist, pumps are designed to work with 12V battery at car lighters in order to use in picnic areas, campings also no electricity time in basement and closed parking areas for discharing of backwater discharge. SKLD 12 G Chisel pumps that has 38mm pump diameter also can be used for oil fuel and diesel discharge from barrels.

We have presented our Drainage Submersible Pumps in Milano Fair…


We have found an oppurtunity to introduce to our visitors in Milano MCE Exhibition where the industry pulses between 13-16 March 2018 for our lift float switch drainage submersible pumps Operation, lift float switch’s function prensibles in strict areas, body cooled drainage submersible pumps, Z type drainage submersible pumps with new generation drainage pumps with body cooled system especially used in mines and easy to carry designed for evelator holes drainage pumps. We thank you our visitors who has visited us.


Sumak Pump family is in after sales service and customer delight education

Our company who belives communication is the source of the succeed in this century, has attended as a Sumak Pump family into education for increasing to customer relation, more effective communication and result-based operation. The purpose of our education; customer delight, importance of time in technical service, communication with last customer, result-based operation and also we supplied our team mates awareness to higher level.

We Have Attened To Isk-Sodex Exhıbıtıon 2018…
We would like to thank warmly to our visitors who did not leave us alone in one of the bigest Heating, Cooling, Air Condition, Isolation, Pump, Valve, Installation, Water Treatment, Solar Energy Systems fair in Istanbul TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Center between 7-10 February 2018 and gave us chance in order to present our new products; mini water water pumps, electrical general single phase and three phase type models, garden and irrigation water pumps SMT220/2 products and house type mini water pumps, single phase suitable water pumps model with frequency convertor.

We have attended the Aqua Term Moscow Exhibition 2018…


We attened the Aqua Term Exhibition that is organized 21th time in capital city Moscow of Russia between 6-9 February 2018. We found chance to show our new pumps to our customers especially the models; vertical shaft booster sets, working principles of frequency convertor booster sets, booster sets pressure switches, working types of submersible pumps booster sets, auto operation system of booster pressures, auto system mini booster sets in single apartment with our new design pumps like house type booster sets, house booster sets, stainless steel vertical shaft site booster sets, booster sets auto systems, booster sets pressure adjustments and suctioned booster sets.


We are IN ISK SODEX Exhibition…

We will be glad to wellcome you in Hall 14 and booth no K06 organized by Sodex, first time in Beylikduzu Tuyap Exhibition Center between 7-10 February 2018 in order to show our centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, electrical water pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical multi stage centrifugal pumps, multistage pumps, peripheral pumps, electrical water dynamos irrigation pumps, gardening pumps, stop type check valve pumps, casting water pumps, staged pumps, silent water pumps, 2”- 3”- 4” water pumps, water dynamo and accessories with new products.

We are at the Aqua Therm Fair in Moscow, Russia..

The Aqua-Therm Moscow fair which is the one of the biggest exhibition organization of the sector started and it will be continue between 6-9 Feburary 2018. We will be honored to welcome our valuable visitors in our booth in Hall:13 and Stand No:A218 and We will have opportunity to show our water motors, gasoline water motors, diesel water engines, motopumps, drainage diesel water engines, electrical water motors, gasoline water engine parts, diesel water engine parts, mini water motors,
garden irrigation
water motors, field irrigation water motors, centrifugal water motors, solar submersible pumps, solar centrifugal pumps, solar water pumps, solar water motors, solar-powered water motors, solar-powered drainage pumps, solar-powered deep-well submersible pumps, solar-powered centrifugal pumps, solar-powered irrigation pumps..


We Will Be Attended ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL Is The One Of The Leading Fair For Our Sector In Istanbul/Turkey Between 07 - 10 February 2018.


The ISK-SODEX fair which is the biggest exhibition organization of the pump sector, will be organised for the first time at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center between 7-10 February 2018. We will be honored to welcome our valuable visitors in our booth in Hall:14 and Booth no: K06 and will have opportunity to Show our drainage submersible pumps, septic submersible pumps, slurry water septic submersible pumps, electromagnetic submersible pumps, clean water submersible pumps, septic submersible pumps with elevator float switch, 4’’ submersible pumps, 5’’ submersible pumps, heavy duty type septic submersible pumps, grinder septic submersible pumps.

Georgian Goverment has chosen our SDT75/3C submersible pumps for the Football Stadium Construction Project for 30.000 people in Batumi.

We have honoured to export our SMT750/4 D and SDT75/3 C mud water submersible pumps for the drainage supply system into construction of stadium in Batumi is Capital city of Georgia.

We will be attended Aqua-Therm Moscow Exhibition is the one of the leading fair for sector in Moscow/Russia between 06…09 February 2018.

We are Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co, our participation continues for one of the prestigious sector fair in the World. We will be honored to welcome our valuable visitors in our booth in Hall:13 and Booth no: A218 organized by AquaTerm Moscow/Russia between 06…09 February 2018. We will have opportunity to show our new products are leading; booster system with frequency converter, our submersible pumps with elevator floater designed to facilitate the use in narrow drainage pits and diesel motopumps with our large prdocut range in Aqua Therm Moscow.

We made one more export target real...

We have exported to Sri Lanka that in Southern Asia Countries by our SMKT Series Double Stage Centrifugal Pumps.

Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co. WhatsApp communication line has become online.

Sumak Water Pump Manufacturer Co. has created WhatsApp communication Mobile line with the number +90 533 579 18 57 in order to speed up communication between companies and each person would like to reach us for solving problems, solution oriented, dynamic conversaiton.

In fact this line is closed to regular callings but on the other hand you make webcall, inform end user problems, agent order, authorised service spare parts order available Also whenever you have problems you can send us videos, photos to detection, We all ready to service our esteem customers in order to find quick solution and get information.

Sumak Pump has achieved the export target to Vietnam by Septic Pumps…

Sumak Pump has added Vietnam into his export country list by expanding the frame every day on the international platform. SDTK150/4 pump from Septic submersible Pump List has first sale to Vietnam.


We continue exporting to to Bangladesh from South Asia without slowing down…

Sumak Pump Family continues sellings to Bangladesh with frequency driver boosters, scroll pumps, and fire fighting system pumps according to NFPA20 standards.
SHT34D 1500/7 frequency driver pump which is just joined to product range and SMT250/40 30KW scroll pump, SMT250780 75KW EDJY fire fighting system pumps according to NFPA20 standards have exported.

Our SMT Series Centrifugal Groups are chosen for United Nations Water Treatment Project in Afghanistan.

We are honored because our SMT750/4 pumps are chosen at United Nations Water Treatment Plant consturctions in Kabul Afganistan. We have exported first 22 piecess centrifugal pumps already and also our negotiations are proceeding for remaining groups.

Sumak Pump has achieved the export target to Vietnam by Septic Pumps…

Sumak Pump has added Vietnam into his export country list by expanding the frame every day on the international platform. SDTK150/4 pump from Septic submersible Pump List has first sale to Vietnam.

We Continue to Expand Our Pump Range with 1450 R.P.M. Septic Submersible Pump…

Casting body 1450 RPM submersible pumps that is in serial production now can be used in discharging of treatment systems, muddy waters inside canals and holes, rain and flood waters, high flow ornamental pools, allocation units and industrial facilities up to 16 meter height to 30mm solids and fibrous particles. Also suitable for continuous duty, designed with 4” outlet, 10 meters cable, automatic float switch and control panel.
SDTB50/4 4 KW 5.5 HP & SDTB75/4 5.5 KW 7.5 HP products which is already in our stocks has designed Suitable for continuous Operation with Solid particles that can be discharged without clogging by large high flow and low pressure impeller design also can be used in City wastewater treatment plants, tunnels, mines and quarries.
3 phase (L1 – L2 – L3) energy can be also followed from control panelş. The electric motors used on the septic submersible pumps are highly efficient and thermistor protected.

We are increasing our clean water submersible pumps range by 5” cassion well pumps

These type of pumps can be used in drilling and cassion wells up to max 56 meter height in clean water supply, fountains, amateur fountains grass irrigations, as bosters in villas and summer houses.
5SDF5 series pumps that started in serial production 0,75KW (1HP) and 5SDF7 series as 1.1KW (1.5 HP). You can see options single phase, three phase (220 – 380 V) and float switch. 5SDF5 and 5SDF7 products have 1¼” output, 30 meter cable, stainless steel body, float switch and control panel for mobile usage.

We participated in ISH fair that is organized in Frankfurt, Germany

We participated in ISH fair is one of the most important energy, mechanic, pump, heat and ventilation fair in the world that is organized in Frankfurt, Germany Center between 14 -18 March 2017. We would like to thank you to the all visitors who was not leave us alone in our booth that we showed our submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, hydrophores, fire fighting pumps also circulation pumps and our all new product range.

Our new factories contruction processing rapidly..

Our factory construction with 16.200 sqm closed area has excavation work which is started in 30.09.2015 inside Izmit Dilovası IMES Organized Industrial Site already completed %85 and mechanic, elevator, electrical etc. works still processing rapidly. In line with this purpose, We will start to move partly in September 2017 to our new factory within same date building up casting department is also in our target.

We are Sumak Pump exhibitor of ISH Germany Fair 2017.

We will be attended ISH Germany Energy,Heating and Ventilation Fair in 14-18 March 2017. We will be waiting our esteem visitors in G75 booth,Hall number 9.1 in order to show our Sumbersible pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Hydrophores, Fire Pumps in ISH Germany Fair that is meeting of important customers of Global market.

We have started to serial production of Drainage & Septic Submersible Pumps with Elevator Float Switch

Our elevator float switch products designed with the models; stainless body drainage submersible pumps SDF6A, drainage submersible pumps SDF13, dirty water submersible pumps SDF18/2Y-A, Septic Submersible pumps SDF14/2-A SDF18/2-A, SBRM18/2P-A in order to reduce to float switch problems in minumum liquid level where the pump running area is narrow.
While minimum 80*80cm well distance for running is needed because of cable lenght of the liquid level float switch, elevator models can reduce to the well distance until 45*45cm. Especially when the elevator holes have thin diameter problems, our evelator float switch models provides active advantage.

We Wellcomed Our Technical Services From Marmara Sea Territory in our Factory on 21-22 December 2016

In order to better organize the coordination of our company with final customer and better service from authorised technical services to final customers, We have wellcomed our Marmara Sea Territory Authorised Services in organized fifth Authorised Services meeting in our factory.Technical information and presentation of our products have made according to give better service to our customers by our company that is growing day by day with stability and determination.Also our 3 speed hot water with closed cycle hot and cold Water systems within Solar energy suitable for heating and cooling cycles SOLAR / CIRCULATION PUMPS that is newly started to serial production presentations and working principles have made. We want to thank you our Authorised Services that has visited us.

Sumak Pump proceeds to increase his product range according to market requests…

We have started to serial productin of Solar Pumps are used in heating and cooling systems in solar powered closed cycle hot and cold water systems. Our wet rotor INLINE Pumps has designed as solar energy circulation Pumps with PN 6/10 common flange and ovoid mounting connection holes in hot and cold water closed cycles at the axial. Three speed designed circulation pumps have started into serial production with the model names SSP3 40/7 – SSP3 40/10 – SSP3 50/7 – SSP3 50/10 – SSP3 65/12

Sumak Pump attanded to MUSIAD INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION between 9-12 November.

We participated in MUSIAD fair that is organized in İstanbul CNR EXPO Center between 9 -12 November. We would like to thank you to the all friends who was not leave us alone in our both that we promoted our new models (SSP3 Series Solar Pumps) and all product range.

We wellcomed our technical services from Black Sea Territory in our factory on 02-03 November 2016

In order to better organize coordination our company with final customer and better service from our 139 authorised technical services to final customers, We have wellcomed our Black Sea Territory Authorised Services in organized fourth Authorised Services meeting in our factory. Products, production and Especially our Solar Pumps which is available for 3 Speed Solar Energy hot water with closed cycle hot and cold water systems, heating and cooling systems, are presented in seminar.
We would like to thank our authorized services for visiting our company.

Sumak Pump has achieved exporting target to England with Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps…

We are Sumak Pump family, have exported to England which is our bigest target exporting country with our Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps. Sumak pump who is increasing product range and reacing more customers everyday, have added England to the exporting countries list after Germany and USA and contributes one more step in to competition for World market.

Sumak Pump is in Hall 6 H10 at 16th MUSIAD INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION between 9-12 November 2016…

We are Sumak Pump, will be waiting our valuable visitors in our booth ( HALL- 06,H10) where the new products will be showed at 16.MUSIAD International Exhibition in CNR Expo Center between 9-12 November.

Sumak Pump proceeds to increase product range according to sector requirements…

Stainless body, single phase, easy electrical installation, with float switch, suitable for continuous duty drainage Pumps has started in serial production.
Stainless body drainage pumps are used in elevator shafts, discharging of basement and apartment drainage waters, backwaters and waterfall systems up to max. 8m height and smoothly discharges the particles not exceeding 3mm. Due to stainless pump body structure, also designed suitable for continuous duty.

We Have Increased Our Swimming Pool Pumps Model Range

We have just added our new 1,2hp single phase and threephase SMH120,SMTH120 models in our swimmin pool pumps. These new producted models are in our stocks.

Sumak Pump Continues To Develop Product Range According To The Market Requirements..

SDT50/3Z, SDT75/3Z and SDT100/3Z models which has known KBZ series in local language, due to have high altitude and internally cooled property is suitable for long term works.

Internally cooled pumps are designed in order to used in discharging of muddy waters inside canals and holes, flood waters, high flow excavation pits, floors of residential units and industrial plants.

We have 7th performed participation to Sodex Fair

We participited for 7th time to the ISK-SODEX Exhibition which is bigest fair organization of sector, in İstanbul CNR EXPO FAIR CENTER between 04-07 May 2016.

Sumak Pump have met with sector relateds according to introduce all product range with especially SDT100/3Z internally cooled drainage submersible pump.

We would like to thank you for all our friends and esteem visitors to not leave us alone.

Alexandria City in Arabic Republic Of Egypt Has Cohen Sumak Pump Company For Water Treatment Systems.

Sumak Pump has added our SYT 32/2 Horizontal Multi Stage Pump from our everyday growing product range to our export list by having export to Arab Republic of Egypt

Sumak Pump Accomplıshed Export Target For People's Republıc Of Bangladesh

We are exhibitor also this year for ISK-SODEX International Heating, Cooling, Air Condition, Vandilation, Isolation, Pump, Valve, Installation Fair between 4-7 May 2016 We will wait all our esteem visitors at our booth in HALL 1- E16 in order to promote all our products.

Sumak Pump IS Getting Ready For ISK-SODEX Exhibittion In İstanbul

We are exhibitor also this year for ISK-SODEX International Heating, Cooling, Air Condition, Vandilation, Isolation, Pump, Valve, Installation Fair between 4-7 May 2016 We will wait all our esteem visitors at our booth in HALL 1- E16 in order to promote all our products.
We have started to produce SDF12/3 Clean Water Submersible Pump
We put into service our Stainless steel body, 2 "output, high-altitude, single phase, no need electrical panel,with float switch, automatic running, portable clean water submersible pump for our customers by taking serial production.

Pump in serial manufacture which is designed in order to be used supplying of clean water to max 33 meter, domestic water requirement, caissons, floods, the clean water discharges, ornamental pools and orchards.
We have attended 40.Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2016 Exhibition in Milano
We attended MCA-2016 that is one of the world's most popular fair in Milano, Italy between 15 to 18 March.

We participated second time as Sumak Pump had the opportunity to introduce our pumps that drainage submersible pumps, submersible pumps, stainless body sewage submersible pumps, casting body sewage submersible pumps, septic blade and grinder blade submersible pumps, clean water submersible pumps, 4 "submersible pumps, electro-submersible pumps, preferical pumps, centrifugal pumps, jacuzzi and acid pumps, jet pumps

stainless steel centrifugal pumps, open impeller centrifugal pumps, closed impeller and stainless steel centrifugal pumps, stainless steel multi-stage pumps, swimming pool pumps, hot water centrifugal pumps, stainless hot water centrifugal pumps, bronze impeller centrifugal pumps, gasoline motor pump, diesel motor pumps, Horizontal multi-stage pumps (2900d / d - 1450d / d), Scroll pumps (2900d / d - 1450d / d), SMT160 / 80 series Scroll pumps (2900d / d - 1450d / d), end-suction horizontal multi stage pumps, package booster sets, vertical complete stainless steel pumps and booster, vertical multi multistage pump and booster, fire groups, especially in SDT75 / 3C Mudy water submersible pumps, SDTV50 / 4 (1450 d / d) Septic pumps, 5SDF7 Clean water Submersible pumps, SMINOX12 / 300-3T Stainless multi stage centrifugal pumps, SMINOX12-300 / 3T, Suctioned stainless multi-stage boosters, SHTP16-750 / 12 Stainless stell Inline multi-stage boosters to our customers who visited our booth at the MCA-2016 fair. In order to their attention, We would like to thank our visitors and esteem customers who standed with us during the exhibiton.

We wellcomed Sumak Pump Mediterranean Technical Services in our factory on 08 March 2016.

Every passing day Our growing company by determination and permanance in order to better service to our esteem customers, wellcomed our 3. Participation Region which is MediterraneanTechnical Service Group for our products technical information and introduction and also our new products are complete stainless steel multistage pumps, mud water pumps, complete stainless steel vertical multistage pumps.

We Wellcomed our outhorised services from Marmara...

The growing is a team work. We know very well that our technical services generate the most important part of our structuring. We welcomed our authorised services from Marmara Region in our factory in 11 February 2016. This organization was made for serving better to the last consumer in the whole country, introduction of Sumak production system, learning of the situations that are met in the field, discussing the situations needed to be improved, giving information specially about working principle of our products with frequency convertor.